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Online Consulting, Facilitation & Training. No stale webinars but interactive, in-person engagement. All online.

Making online work, collaboration, solving problems, thriving as a dispersed team as good as being in the same room

We are an international network of coaches, facilitators and trainers who help individuals, teams and organisations overcome complex challenges ; help to pivot and adapt – fast.

Solving problems is harder.

More than before we need to solve urgent problems. The strategies we had are now irrelevant. Our  plans have a shelf life of a  week – if lucky.  In a fractured and unpredictable Covid19 impacted world, teams can be unfocused and ‘work lonely’.

But for solving problems, we need energy and collaboration. We need to bounce ideas of each other, we need many voices in the room. BUT we can’t all be in the same room. We need to engage and collaborate with others while sitting in our spare room or kitchen table.

To work on these problems and work effectively, teams need to collaborate online. We can help. Our consulting and collaboration has been online (before the crisis) – we are experts in  this field.

ImpactBasis has translated their interactive, fast-paced workshops and training to online . You have to experience it to believe it.”  
Mehdi Du Puy – Head of Marketing, Young Impact

How do we work?

We stimulate you and your teams to take ownership and accountability of your work in order to drive true change and innovation. 

We help you to gain perspective on your challenges and focus on attaining significant change at pace.

We help you unlock a better work life for and a more purposeful environment.

What do we do?

We do not believe in off-the-shelf solutions. Therefore, we provide tailored products and services to meet your individual, team or organisational needs.

We also believe in people owning their own development and change.

Everything we do is developed and delivered in true partnership with you.

We have worked with some incredible organisations

Our work includes The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NATO, National Health Service (UK), MTR and UK Government Services

We have a ground breaking offer (all online)


We facilitate innovation that aims sharply at the organisation’s challenges. 

We get started fast, using agile approaches and methods alongside adaptive leadership to create immediate, meaningful results.

Online in-person Training; small interactive groups

Our online training is considered pioneering. Join one of our courses below.

The Agile for Services course is an immersive fully online training programme, held over four half days, which blends theory and practical exercises to develop a thorough working knowledge of Agile and how it can be used to deliver complex change projects within your sector.

Our promise for you when you attend this lab is to experience your own leadership capacity in action, learn new concepts and have a few assumptions challenged. All online and  work in small groups.                                                                                                    

Our Team

We are a group of self-organising professionals who are passionate about making a true difference.

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