We support you to solve the urgent, messy problems facing society and planet

We deliver virtual-first.

We collaborate with social purpose organisations – including NGOs, IGOs and B-Corps – to create virtual events with genuine dialogue, connection and outcomes online.

It’s likely that you have had experiences of being overwhelmed by complexity in addressing today’s messy problems. So our coaching through a collaborative agile approach will help your organisation build the craft and capacity it needs to adapt and make change happen.

We’ve learned through the pandemic that the strategies we had are now irrelevant. Our plans have a shelf life of a week – if lucky. The pandemic has already left permanent marks on how we work. Only those organisations who adapt and become innovative, collaborative and agile will be able to achieve scale and impact.

Our partners, past & present

We provide virtual event development and facilitation, remote team mentoring, online coaching and consulting to organisations with a social purpose.

We listen to our clients. Based on their needs and our experience, we team-up to deliver, always virtual first.

Our focus is on designing, facilitating and producing genuinely engaging virtual events and interactions where change happens.

By modelling and coaching clients through an agile approach, we support them to become ultimately self-sufficient.

When delivering on the world’s to do list – the change journey can be tough and the risk of burnout high. Through coaching – we help leaders and teams to navigate and thrive.

Virtual Events
Virtual Events
Virtual Events
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Virtual Events
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Virtual Events

We are a deeply skilled team with a diverse background. Individually or together, we knock it out of the park

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