​ImpactBasis will help you to connect, collaborate and create change at every level of your organisation.

Fully online, fully in-person, for all the right reasons

In a world where complexity reigns, traditional attitudes and approaches can no longer be relied upon.

We are a global, remote-first organisation and through our innovative and deeply engaging approach, we will ensure that you are facilitated in tackling your most complex challenges. 

We are trusted by clients all over the world to create online environments that invigorate and inspire people to truly progress at pace.



A snap shot of the services we offer

Everything we do is driven to help clients unlock their meaningful potential.

​Get as close to being there as you can be our immersive and fully interactive online events & conferences

In light of the pandemic, it's easy to think that you should be postponing your planned conferences or gatherings. How could you possibly replicate that energy or sense of magnitude that an physical event provides, right? 

Wrong. Our crack team of producers and facilitators can recreate, some say improve on those things and help you to deliver your events fully online. Our end to end service provides the full package from concept to wrap up.  Our events are famous for their deep collaboration and immersive agendas that keep people hooked from the start to finish, and beyond. 

Achieve your goals at pace with our online team collaboration workshops

With years of experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to help you, your teams and indeed, your whole organisation to handle those messy, complex problems. 

We have a toolkit like no other to assist you to dig to the root of your issues and work towards a truly beneficial outcome. 

Not only that but we do so at pace. With our workshop structures and Impact Sprints we take days, not months to get to outcomes. And we do so in the spirit of collaboration with our sleeves rolled firmly up.

​Mobilizing you to tackle the toughest problems with our Leadership Development & Coaching

Leader Defined: The word leader comes from the Indo-European root word ‘leit’; the name for the person who carried the flag in front of an advancing army going into battle and who usually died in the first attack. His sacrifice would alert the rest of the army to the location of the danger ahead.

For those choosing to lead, not much has changed since those days.

Our work in Agile has sharpened our point of views on leadership. In a world full of messy and wicked problems, we believe people who lead must be both agile and adaptive. But we make a few more assertions about what it takes to lead in the world today.

It is the activity of mobilizing people to tackle the toughest problems and do the agile, adaptive work necessary to achieve progress on those messy problems.

​Get the support, advice and mentorship you need to make the fundamental changes you need to make with our Consulting Offer

For us, consulting doesn’t mean having all the answers. We pioneered the use of Agile as a means of tackling messy problems in the public sector. What this means in practice is we don’t spend vast amounts of time analysing data, writing long plans and crafting beautiful PowerPoint presentations. Instead we bring together a team of people involved in the delivery of a service to understand the challenge they are facing. We help the team break down their challenge and together we design and test new solutions with service users.

We believe you never really understand a system until you try to change it. Making changes on a small scale and learning from them is an essential part of our process. Taking this approach helps us to understand what changes will work in practice, and not just in theory.

Because we start our projects by experimenting and trying out new approaches quickly, many of our clients tell us they accomplish more in a week with our support than they would have in six months without it.

Learn to do what we do so that you don't need us in the future with our training offer

Associated with The Public Sector Transformation Academy in the UK we offer accredited training in ‘Agile for Social Impact Services’, ‘Agile Leadership’ and ‘Agile Procurement & Contracting’.

We also run courses on 'Online Consulting and Facilitation' and 'Skills for Remote Work'

Get critical support and mentorship with production and facilitation to ensure your online events are everything you hope for

We offer unparalleled support to help you plan, prepare and mentor you though the process of organising an online event.

We can help you to get set through assisting you to truly understand your requirements, what platforms might benefit and shaping the event in all parts.