we are a breath of fresh air for social impact services

In these challenging times, we’re rolling up our sleeves.

In a world where complexity reigns, traditional attitudes and approaches can no longer be relied upon.

We believe that agility and adaptivity is key in order to truly innovate, have greater impact and to better support people within organisations.

We have translated tried and tested approaches and methods from other industries to deliver results that are faster, better and lasting.

We embrace complexity and work in true partnership to create meaningful results.

Rolling our sleeves up, doing the hard work.

A snap shot of the services we offer

Everything we do is driven to help clients unlock their meaningful potential.

Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership is a practical philosophy enabling leaders to be able to gain perspective and frame challenges so they can intervene and reduce conflict and avoidance. We teach, facilitate and coach leaders to achieve so much more than before.

Agile for social impact

For service-focused organisations, we deliver end to end projects using Agile and Design. Working in partnership with clients we develop and deliver work iteratively and incrementally so that we get to deliver outcomes and value sooner.

Impact Sprints

Developed from Google Ventures our refined Design Sprints are a profoundly powerful way to tackle complexity or ‘messy problems’ as we often refer to them. Going from challenge to change in 5 days. ImpactSprints page.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching helps to unlock the potential of individuals to develop and perform. It can enable reflective practice and resilience. Coaching helps to support people to lead and stimulates new behaviours to get the most out of the change you deliver.


Associated with The Public Sector Transformation Academy in the UK we offer accredited training in ‘Agile for Social Impact Services’, ‘Agile Leadership’ and ‘Agile Procurement & Contracting’. Teaching people how to do, what we do. For upcoming courses please see our Training page.


We offer unparalleled dynamic facilitation services to overcome any issue or realise the potential of any opportunity. Employing various dynamic techniques and activities we are able to help unlock the potential of people to achieve their purpose.