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A decade ago as a response to the global crash, the UK government started to cut services massively. It was in this difficult time of ‘more for less’ that a few consultants formed to help organisations not only to survive and but thrive.

They evolved the principles of agile, translating them from the world of software to service-driven organisations. There were wins and losses, highs and lows, a lot of real-world learning and a few scars along the way.

It is these same consultants that form ImpactBasis.

We work with Government services, NGO’s, foundations and social impact focused organisations who can no longer depend on traditional approaches to tackle messy problems.

Our expertise is in helping leaders, teams and organisations build agility to thrive in this complex world.


The pandemic will end but it will leave permanent marks on how we work. We are being tested and stressed to see how agile our organizations and teams can adapt. Darwin warned us this moment would arrive. 

These days there is little high hard ground we can occupy. Most of our work is now in the lowland swamp of messy, confusing problems. Covid-19, economic disruption, and the biggest challenge of all, climate change.

These are the challenges of greatest human concern. These challenges choose us. If you have been chosen, it’s likely that you have had experiences of being overwhelmed and over matched in addressing these messy problems. You may have begun to doubt yourself, your work, your leadership skills. You instinctively know that you cannot lead a team or an organization to a place you have not gone yourself. 

Our experience tells us that what you may be missing is craft and capacity. ImpactBasis facilitates the building of agile adaptive capacity.

Our purpose, therefore, is to help you make better decisions while the clock is ticking. 



Our parent organisation, Basis Ltd is listed as one of the 2019 Financial Times UK’s Leading Management Consultants in the Public & Social Sector


Our work includes The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NATO, National Health Service (UK), MTR and UK Government Services

Founding members

Our expertise iis in helping leaders, teams and organisations build agility to thrive in this complex world.

Matt Barnaby

Den Haag

Matt believes deeply in the power of collaboration to tackle the messy problems. So through immersive technologies and dynamic online workshops, he delivers innovative facilitation that unlocks the potential for NGO’s and public services to connect, collaborate and create in ways that recreate the feeling of ‘being there’ to produce real outcomes.

Matt is action-focused and works hands-on in delivering tangible and lasting solutions. He is renowned for his exhilarating masterclasses.

"Matt is that rare human who knows how to remove those things that may be blocking your progress as an individual, a team or an entire organisation. He helps you tackle the thorniest of problems."

Nick Tait, former Head of GovTech

Rick Torseth


Rick is a leader in the field of Adaptive Agile Leadership which has included over 10 years of direct involvement with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Rick has become an internationally renowned coach, helping individuals and organisations tackle deep complexity.

His ability to bring people together, to enable clarity where there is chaos and to unlock the potential of individuals and crowds truly needs to be seen to be believed.


"A true expert in the field – his Adaptive Agile Leadership work with me and my senior team made a real difference"

Mark Clark, Chief Executive Generations for Peace

Dennis Vergne


Dennis’ career started with strategy consulting for multinational organisations. Passionate about the actual delivery of change, over the last 12 years he has worked as an organisational change consultant for Accenture and Agilisys combining both public and private sector work.

He is an expert on Agile and helped many public organisations deliver successful projects and embrace Agility.

"Dennis has helped us deliver fantastic quality projects at real pace. He creates a genuine excitement and energy that inspires teams to want to get involved in delivering change.”

Louise Duffield, Director of Customer Services & Business, London Borough of Waltham Forest